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photo // Faisalele make up // Anastasia

photo // Faisalele
make up // Anastasia


O my.. can you believe this? feels like more than a year I haven’t post anything here! (I feel so meaaaaaan >,<) BUt thanks for the viewers that keep visiting my blog even when I’m not posting anything yet.

Well, there are several posts that I barely left in my blog draft  actually. But, …er… I was sooooo lazy to edit all the post and I thought there are somekindofcrimps  that prevent the idea flow thru my mind~ (oh, can’t you smell the alibi for laziness here?). I was preparing for my next vacation (and debate competition, of course.) in Batam lately, and I wish I’ll have a good time in Singapore as my trip extension spot..

Oh, and as you see, I’m on my 7th semester now with 4 private-course students and 12 cute junior high school pupils (yess! I’m a real teacher now! I got the real salary from the privateschool company! whoa, I’m sooo excited! *pfft*) and preparing for internship in local junior high school to fulfill the credits. It’s gonna be a long long words if I have to tell you the whole reasons of my laziness here, so I’m gonna stop blabbing now!


photo // Faisalele

photo // Faisalele

photo//faisalele edit//olivpenta






Captured by faisalele

Captured by faisalele



This photoshoot was unintentionally planned by my friends from PCC Banjarmasin: faisalele + anastasia +khai + enal +and others.  And not sure if the outfit can be categorized as “style”, hahaha. The team is awesome. They took a lot of good pictures and drive me crazy in sorting step. And please please please ignore my fat cheek! akh…it’s terrible. Well, I’m skinny but when I eat too muchmuch, the fat is gonna slump on my cheeks..ffftttt.

Talking about the picture, Anastasia is my new favorite make-up artist! She is awesome. I love how she manage my “just-wake-up-so-early” hair! And also meet my latest favorite young photographer, Faisal (he asked me to type his name using “faisalele”), and already did some great photoshoots with him, yay! (wait for the very awesome pictures later! I’ll post it! I WILL!! :’D)

can-deed by khai_vengeance

can-deed by khai_vengeance


photographer| faisalele _ enal _ khai

make-up artist| anastasia

wardrobe: shirt J.CREW | shoes FIONI _ NIKE ZOOM

R R R R R-ed

"I wish it was dawn,"

“I wish it was dawn,”


Oh well, I know I haven’t post anything yet since my last reblogged of a very beautiful and handsome man named Jarrod Scott, has stolen my heart straight-away. My schedule was totally drive me insane in the last year till now, and the list of undone posts are lining up on my dashboard draft..pheww. I’m starting to be more serious in the new semester in my college year. I’m totally fucked-up by the weak-system of my college and getting more tired-and-tired for everything that was happened on my last semester (fifth). I have a really-really bad bad bad time recently: fight, broken heart, depressed, sickness, regretful, disappointed…all those feelings were sucked my soul to the bones, and somehow I just wanna leave all of these circumstances and have the greatest escape in my life with no one…and meet new people, new places, new identity, new life, and new changes. Sounds enchanting, right? haha, I hope someday I will have a chance to do so.

In all that condition I’m trying to be braver and braver..still praying for the people that I love the most, and wish to have an aladdin’s lamp (of course with the genie inside) once in my life! hahaha

So, I choose my favorite colour, RED, as the symbol of my resistance towards all of these shits! yeah..! Featuring the cool sweater that I got from GoGirl! magazine 9th anniversary issue.. whoa! I love mix ‘n match challenge sosososo much’es’!

"No, I won't jump,"

“No, I won’t jump,”

"Oh, Red! I darl you!"

“Oh, Red! I darl you!”

flash in phosphenes

"look at yourself!"

“look at yourself!”

Intern RED

Intern RED

What I wear?

- Red 5 panel snapback cap (HOOFDAWSM)

- Grey Intern Sweater (GoGirl!)

- Red Chiffon Oversized Button-up (American Apparel)

- Maroon High-low skirt

- Red shoes, with no heels, bytheway :(


I don't like mirror-ing myself when it comes to the pict, anyway..

I don’t like mirror-ing myself when it comes to the pict, anyway..

"I wish I can smile for real, later..I mean happiness."

“I wish I can smile for real, later..I mean happiness.”

what I wear? maroon knit hat, brown oxford shoes, silver rattan clutch, grey scarf.

Awrite, it’s 2.18 AM now..yeah..I’m serious. I just had a briefing with the new crews of TILIK Bjm and had a glass of blended coffee with an extra shot, that’s why I haven’t felt asleep now. But you can’t resist the tired.. Then see you, Guys. Please pray for the PEACE and WORLD…please please please. Cause nothing is more powerful than a prayer..


-Penta O. Rayendra-

 #all those great photos were captured by my friend, Faisalpox#

Cool White

prototype light just made me blushed

Allô, Gens Supers!
I’m never stop thanking to all of you for keep visiting my blog. Gracias gracias gracias! :D
Many things were happened recently, like usual: several tasks, all my schedules are in a mess because of sudden changes, laziness, etc…haha
I had a dream last night to plant some sunflowers (again) in the garden of my house [!!!]. Yep, as you could read on my profile, I love sunflower….so much :3 The big one and bright one, of course. They are extremely gorgeous as I see! Ok, I should skip this topic..really2 out of the theme of my post today..:P

So, this outfit actually one of my favorite, cause the white jacket is sooo adorable and precisely fit on me <3
i wanna run with this shoes

the sun made my eyes hurt

top detail

there you smile x

turn your face against the sun , then the shadows will left behind
All these beautiful angle-shoot were captured by very best partner, Faisal. In this photoshoot, Isty also take a session for herself and helping me somehow.

Isty as my assistant in my part.. haha

Isty as my assistant in my part.. haha

Oh, and as you see, I’m no longer have bangs :3 what do you think? maybe I’ll have another bangs again when I get a haircut…
SO, keep visiting my blog and you may leave a comment(if you find something unfavorable or necessary on my post it’s ok, too).

Have a good day and keep optimist in your dreams.

Penta Olivia

Vacation Gallery // Mount Bromo

Hola, Fellas! I’m so excited to have another photos to share, yay! :D
New semester is coming and the new hectic schedules are also approaching.. freshman, killer lecture, good lecture, old classes, complicated subjects, events….aaahh…welcome to the college-life again.. it feels like I’m gonna need a lot of moodboosters this year.
All of the things went quite nice though.. I’ve watched many dramas, many bad and good things, a lot of good people around and also some fake people that keeps me entertained. I really enjoy my last 2 vacations: a month in Jogja-Pare-Malang and 10 days in Palembang (as the delegation from campus in NUDC) and Bandung.

so, this post is about Mount Bromo! wawawa! Mount Bromo is located in East Java, Indonesia. My partners are: Danti (my youngest-uncle’s girlfriend), Ari, Kuple, Arni, and Lulu. Ari and Kuple are from Malang, then Arni and Lulu are from Jakarta. Most of people are stand-by from 2 or 3 am to watch the sun rise! so we did!

Boooowng! It's 4 o'clock here and already crowded!

Boooowng! It’s 4 o’clock here and already crowded!

Good Morning, Sunshine! :D

Good Morning, Sunshine! :D

me and my beautiful aunty-to-be <3

me and my beautiful aunty-to-be <3

left-right: Ari, me, Ka Danti, Kuple

left-right: Ari, me, Ka Danti, Kuple

bromo 4it’s so FUCKIN-DAMN-FOR-GOD’S-SHAKE-FREAKIN-COLD!!! I wear 4 layers of clothes and still freezing! bwwrrrrr!

Arni, Kuple, me, Ka Danti

Arni, Kuple, me, Ka Danti

bromo 5bromo8 ah… i wore the wrong shoes…damn. And it’s so uncomfortable! (don’t you ever wear a girl-flat-shoes if you wanna step-up on a sandy track!)bromo 6



Let's go up!up!up! :D

Let’s go up!up!up! :D

Whoa! Me, Arni, Kuple and Lulu finally reach The Sulphur Kingdom on the top! hahaha *sniff sniff*

Whoa! Me, Arni, Kuple and Lulu finally reach The Sulphur Kingdom on the top! hahaha *sniff sniff*


LOOK AT THAT BOISTEROUS PEOPLE! :O When i look at this picture, I just surprisely realized, how far we were walking and hiking! Whoa! I’m that strong! :D

bromo 13 Oh my God, the trip was so so so exhausting! but it was one of the most terrific exploration that i’ve ever did this far! Can’t wait for the next adventure..! still have no plan, but i believe….I’m gonna leave this city again as soon as possible when i have the chance! Ha!
Ciao, Awesome people! (I’ll share another experience later)

Penta Olivia