R R R R R-ed

"I wish it was dawn,"

“I wish it was dawn,”


Oh well, I know I haven’t post anything yet since my last reblogged of a very beautiful and handsome man named Jarrod Scott, has stolen my heart straight-away. My schedule was totally drive me insane in the last year till now, and the list of undone posts are lining up on my dashboard draft..pheww. I’m starting to be more serious in the new semester in my college year. I’m totally fucked-up by the weak-system of my college and getting more tired-and-tired for everything that was happened on my last semester (fifth). I have a really-really bad bad bad time recently: fight, broken heart, depressed, sickness, regretful, disappointed…all those feelings were sucked my soul to the bones, and somehow I just wanna leave all of these circumstances and have the greatest escape in my life with no one…and meet new people, new places, new identity, new life, and new changes. Sounds enchanting, right? haha, I hope someday I will have a chance to do so.

In all that condition I’m trying to be braver and braver..still praying for the people that I love the most, and wish to have an aladdin’s lamp (of course with the genie inside) once in my life! hahaha

So, I choose my favorite colour, RED, as the symbol of my resistance towards all of these shits! yeah..! Featuring the cool sweater that I got from GoGirl! magazine 9th anniversary issue.. whoa! I love mix ‘n match challenge sosososo much’es’!

"No, I won't jump,"

“No, I won’t jump,”

"Oh, Red! I darl you!"

“Oh, Red! I darl you!”

flash in phosphenes

"look at yourself!"

“look at yourself!”

Intern RED

Intern RED

What I wear?

– Red 5 panel snapback cap (HOOFDAWSM)

– Grey Intern Sweater (GoGirl!)

– Red Chiffon Oversized Button-up (American Apparel)

– Maroon High-low skirt

– Red shoes, with no heels, bytheway 😦


I don't like mirror-ing myself when it comes to the pict, anyway..

I don’t like mirror-ing myself when it comes to the pict, anyway..

"I wish I can smile for real, later..I mean happiness."

“I wish I can smile for real, later..I mean happiness.”

what I wear? maroon knit hat, brown oxford shoes, silver rattan clutch, grey scarf.

Awrite, it’s 2.18 AM now..yeah..I’m serious. I just had a briefing with the new crews of TILIK Bjm and had a glass of blended coffee with an extra shot, that’s why I haven’t felt asleep now. But you can’t resist the tired.. Then see you, Guys. Please pray for the PEACE and WORLD…please please please. Cause nothing is more powerful than a prayer..


-Penta O. Rayendra-

 #all those great photos were captured by my friend, Faisalpox#


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