Well…hello? Are you still there?

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” -Jim Rohn-

It made me think a lot before I decide to post something again on this blog. Many things happen and I’m not a good writer in the messy timing.

Talking about my life for these 2 or 3 years after my last post ( I even forget when it was happened.. –“),  I really appreciate for everything that I’ve been thru along with my youth ( I am 23 years old now. hell yeah!) I keep up with a lot of things, if my previous post I was complaining about my activities in campus, part-time job, some project….trust me, the time gets harder and I grow stronger.

I’m an English teacher now in a private junior high school with a very very pleasant working time. I can travel for a long week in holiday, I have 10 private students and a debate club to handle. Basicaly, I do it for fun……..if only I’ve graduated from my college. Well, let’s stop talking about my activities.

By the way, I have this new own-brand that will be released soon. Me and my friend, Istiqomah Nuzula have already prepare for this project in a long time. We named it “PALESA” which means flowers in African.

Here is the sneakpeak of my new peoject that won’t help you much in knowing it:





Our talent is Dhilakhairy. The photographer itself, as usual, one of the best: faisalele

We choose the hippie-kinda-bohemian look for the first season of our product. Wish every girl and woman will enjoy to wear it as we do in creating it. ❤

Happy Lunar soon, everyone!



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