Well…hello? Are you still there?

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” -Jim Rohn-

It made me think a lot before I decide to post something again on this blog. Many things happen and I’m not a good writer in the messy timing.

Talking about my life for these 2 or 3 years after my last post ( I even forget when it was happened.. –“),  I really appreciate for everything that I’ve been thru along with my youth ( I am 23 years old now. hell yeah!) I keep up with a lot of things, if my previous post I was complaining about my activities in campus, part-time job, some project….trust me, the time gets harder and I grow stronger.

I’m an English teacher now in a private junior high school with a very very pleasant working time. I can travel for a long week in holiday, I have 10 private students and a debate club to handle. Basicaly, I do it for fun……..if only I’ve graduated from my college. Well, let’s stop talking about my activities.

By the way, I have this new own-brand that will be released soon. Me and my friend, Istiqomah Nuzula have already prepare for this project in a long time. We named it “PALESA” which means flowers in African.

Here is the sneakpeak of my new peoject that won’t help you much in knowing it:





Our talent is Dhilakhairy. The photographer itself, as usual, one of the best: faisalele

We choose the hippie-kinda-bohemian look for the first season of our product. Wish every girl and woman will enjoy to wear it as we do in creating it. ❤

Happy Lunar soon, everyone!



Behind the scene: TILIK // Style and Stuffs Page

Whoa! February almost end, Guys! was your monthly-resolution already reach?? I just give a check-mark to my “TOEFL Test” resolution for this year! yay! \(^-^)/ about the score….hmmm..about 500 and blablabla..it was suck cause it’s under my expectation indeed 😦

Oh well, you know what, Me, Mega and Faisal are really-really ready to announce our new magazine project!!! WooHoooooo!! And first-able, we will just worked three..but we really wish to find another partner that’ll join this project.

Nah, awal-awal ini, kita nggak nerbitin via media cetak dulu.. so, we will make this to be WEB-BASED MAGAZINE!

Dan, disini posisi gue sebagai………..*dremdemdemdeeeeemm….jengjengjengjeeeeeeng* …….Fashion Editor and ! Whoaaa, I really excited for my next experiences on this position!

Ok. I’ll stop talking noe then lemme show you the hectic-ness of last saturday photo session.

The Models are: Izty and Rossy, my babies from senior high school but now they’re currently live in Jogja and Bali. Then meet my fabulous partner, Mega and Faisal, yg pas sesi pemotretan berkewajiban megang kamera.
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