R R R R R-ed

"I wish it was dawn,"

“I wish it was dawn,”


Oh well, I know I haven’t post anything yet since my last reblogged of a very beautiful and handsome man named Jarrod Scott, has stolen my heart straight-away. My schedule was totally drive me insane in the last year till now, and the list of undone posts are lining up on my dashboard draft..pheww. I’m starting to be more serious in the new semester in my college year. I’m totally fucked-up by the weak-system of my college and getting more tired-and-tired for everything that was happened on my last semester (fifth). I have a really-really bad bad bad time recently: fight, broken heart, depressed, sickness, regretful, disappointed…all those feelings were sucked my soul to the bones, and somehow I just wanna leave all of these circumstances and have the greatest escape in my life with no one…and meet new people, new places, new identity, new life, and new changes. Sounds enchanting, right? haha, I hope someday I will have a chance to do so. Continue reading


Oxford and Blue on My Road

when sun behind my back (by Fuady)

when sun behind my back (by Fuady)

Bonjour, Peuple!
How’s your March going? Busy? So-so? or Full of happiness? I Hope you guys doing great in every activity that you do 😀
I’m gonna post my new photo shoot’s result (yay!). This is marvelous, I’ve already planning to take some shoots on an empty track!! and finally, the chance just came off! whoa! I’m so excited! Continue reading

Urban Street part I -warming up-

Gee! This is really-really a great month (or hard one?) all day working with my private-teaching schedule, debate seminar preparation, debate competition and its rehearsal, my lessons in college, and many additional jobs that i attached in my list this month…oh Gooood, give me a strong power!
I’ll post my last photo session result. it actually finished about 3 weeks ago -if i’m not mistaken- but i still didn’t get the file of the photos completely, so i’ll just post the stuffs that i already get from the photographers..here they arreeeeeee………………………………………….


captured and edited by Faisalpox


Taken and edited by Herry A. Pradana

taken and edited by Ozan Cagat

seems rough

captured and edited by Fuady

captured and edited by Ozan Cagat

love thiss

captured by Faisalpox
edited by me.

long side

taken by Faisalpox
edited by Penta


Captured by Fuady
Edited by Me 😀


Taken by Faisalpox
Edited by Me Penta

Well..i think those enough for this warming-up post..hehe, i’ll post more next.. bye. xo