First Post in 2013! (about my last 2012)

Oh God, i’ve passed many unexpected things on last 2012. Fiuh!
it’s not like the other people did in new year’s eve (partying, gather with their love, spending the night watching fireworks *crying*, or even kissed the one they love in the crowded), I really-really passed the worst new year’s eve ever 😥
And the reasons are: 1) I had a fight with my ex, Rizky (i don’t wanna explain more about my love life), it’s ruined my mood all week cause we both have no effort to made things up, and i used to be with him in new year’s eve, but not this time.. 😦 2) my grandma was in agony…and i have to took care of her in Intensive Care Unit (and most of the caring-time I use to weep..*long sigh*) 3) thinking about final test on 3rd of January, 4) him in somewhere I do not even know.

Well, i just read many articles about 2013, such as: fashion that will be HOT this year (hmm..i’ll need much water supplies later), hair-do thingy, and……ASTROLOGY! hahaha. Actually I’m not a believer of prediction-things…but, what i’ve read about my zodiac’s character-figure, Sagittarius, they’re soooo true 😛
And, they said that my love life in this 2013 are soooooooooo gooooooooood! woohoo! okay, i know we can’t rely on that words, but let see what will happen, (and at least it gave me a ‘hope’ and stimulate my lust this year…hahaha)

SO, i just wrote about my resolutions this 2013 (and everytime i re-read it, i think they’re sooo shallow -___-” but i was too lazy to re-write it again). Check this and don’t laugh 😦

haha, now you may laugh..:’D looks shallow right? hiks.. but, for the #1, i’ll do it this January! yay! *ready to give #1 resolution a check mark!*. And for the #9, that’s really2 true! I’d too much apparels in my commode…and I keep wanna buy this one-this one-this one-this one…haaaarrrrhh!! (note to self: SAVING! Please, do SAVING, penta!!)
Then about Sate Pahlawan…..hmmmmm….all of the people that already taste that satay, was said the same thing : “the most delicious satay here (in banjarmasin)”, so I really2 curious about thaaat… (padahal tiap kuliah –hampir tiap hari– gue ngelewatin tempat ituuuuuu… [!!!!!!])

o ya! at least I got my FIRST American Apparel stuff this early yeaaaar! whooaaa! click here to see what I just got! :3
………..adorable right? 😀 I can’t wait to do the next photo session wearing this stuff! (\=>,<=)/

Well, thanks for keep visiting my blog (i type this post in the middle of watching Perahu Kertas activity, and that film is awesome –bikin gue jadi:damn,sumpah galau!– Reza Rahadian and Adipati are totally my kind of guy…:’) )
I always hope for you guys health and good life~ catch me later,
-penta olivia-