Hi, I am…

Photographed by Ubay

Photographed by Ubay


I am Penta Olivia Rayendra. Indonesian girl that currently live in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. I’m so happy for you to visit and read all of my posts in this blog :D. So, thanks anyway..

i’ll tell you about this blog first.

This blog were made with a lot of passion and creativity that i really need to pour in something, then yes, i found the idea about make a blog. This is supposed to be a place where i can share everything thatΒ I like or do or know to you. It’s not specifically a fashion blog or campaign blog or advertisement. This is the space where I really2 concern about to get attach with you guys.

I’m not the fifth child, please notice this cause everyone always assume that I must be the 5th kid in the family since they knew the meaning of my name is Five -lol-, I just born on 5th December, Guys, so don’t panic!I highly appreciated my mom for giving me birth with the unique AB blood type and under the Sagittarius spell. These are totally the best presents from God (thru my mom) *kissy*

What do you wanna know about me? My favorite things? urgh.. i have really-really MUCH things to adore and like! haha. I love: BOOKS (novel, biography, comics, anything!)…beautiful things…shoes (high heels for specifically)…Panda…beautiful colors…travelling…classy thingy…shawl…intelligence…jokes…honey stars…Krispy Kreme…Beard Papa’s…Vanilla and Rum Ice-Cream…SunFlower…fragrance…unique things…sexy and classy man…and much-much-much more! πŸ˜›

I’m a girl who extremely adore Jeffrey Campbell shoes and obsessed with boots. Someday I’ll have my own “JC’s Gallery” or my shoes galery in my house perhaps! hahaha (oh, and Christian Louboutin are un-resistable, too!)
I’m a girl who love my self as it’s created. My favorite part of my body are collar bones, eyebrow, chin, hair, thigh, skin…they are just awesomely created on me (thanks, Mom…and God).

My favorite number? 5 maybe? but I love 7 and 27, indeed. 12, 16, 17 is my memorable number.

oh, Music! Did you ever expect me as a Japanese Rock lover? Yeah, I love L’Arc~en~Ciel !!! They’re the best band ever (just in my opinion :P) But also hear much-much-much good band and symphony. Muse, Green Day,….. oh come one, i can’t write ’em all…the things that sure is I Love Music, just like the other people. (my recent playlist is Left Boy’s songs,btw.)

I’m weary to type here. if you have another question for me or you wanna do the same photo session with the photographers that I ever post in my blog, you can ask me through:

* formspring: pentaolivia *

* twitter: @olivpenta *

* email: olivpenta27@yahoo.com *


2 thoughts on “Hi, I am…

  1. Hi, Kak Penta :3 It’s nice to find out that you are a blogger too! πŸ˜€ Keep bloging and post many cool photoes and stories! Visit My Blog too if you don’t mind πŸ˜€ sorry if there isn’t a singel english story I post there. Hohoho. Thanks for all! πŸ˜€

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