Vacation Gallery // Bali, June 2012 (part II)

Scream for Ice-Cream

So, I’m gonna have a quick post about my last year vacation in Bali (as I promised to you, Guys)
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Vacation Gallery // Bali, June 2012 (Part I)

I know.. I know.. i haven’t post anything on the last april and i feel so awful now, sorry >____<

I’m gonna post my photos while i having really-really much fun in Bali on last year, indeed. Hope you know that super beautiful island!
I did it along with my National University English Debate Competition (NUEDC), so it’s really2 fun. 3 days for debating and have fun for the rest, whoa! *yelling YOLO*

Representative Debaters from Kalimantan! yay :D

Representative Debaters from Kalimantan! yay!

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