My Mother’s Day β™₯

Yay! My mother just reached her golden age in the last 2nd of March. She finally 50..oh God..she’s already half a hundred year..and she still amazing in her life and career.

We do a simple celebrating: have a quick dinner in a junk food restaurant.. ( .__.) *God, forgive us* Since, you know, my father and mother are sooo busy. Almost everyday got home late and somehow we just have a quick chat toward each other and rarely have a dinner together. So, is so important to take some pictures while we’re have an outside-the-house-dinner together πŸ˜›

I wish she’ll always looks young (like 30s) and still being my smart woman that’ll guide me with her hilarious and loving way. How I really hope Allah will just give her a >100 years age..haha I can’t imagine how’s my life without her..β™₯ Happy 50, Moms. I’ll be your Pride. I promise.

my very young sister, Debby and my Mom

my very young sister, Debby and my Mom

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Finally! have the right time to post on my blog!
I just enormously busy about the next event that’ll be held by my faculty lately..It’s seriously being my nerve.. (._.) And I’m about Debate Competition with my partner, Dessy Anggraini. Then, the traffic jam in my city (Banjarmasin) is really2 freeze much times to spent. ckck. So, the good news is I still survive! :’D (me so sorry for moaning..huks)

Guys, I really really enormously sad recently. It’s not because of monetary thingy, health or even love…but because of the CONDITION OF OUR EARTH today.. πŸ˜₯
I read many articles about how is our Climate, Geographical, Endangered Species, Natural Resources, and everything that really2 need to concern about this planet. Sadly, all of that harms are caused by us, HUMAN.

Earth Surface Temperature

seatemperatures today
Ok, I’ll explain to you about Earth Temperature.
The average Earth surface temperature is 14Β° C. That’s 287 kelvin, or 57.2Β° F. That’s just THE AVERAGE temperature indeed. This temperature can be MUCH HIGHER or LOWER than this depends on the PLACES. In the hottest places of the planet, in the deserts near the equator, the temperature on Earth can get as high as 57.7Β° C. And then in the coldest place, at the south pole in Antarctica, the temperature can dip down to -89Β° C.
And you know what the thing that causing the average temperature today is so high? Yes, ATMOSPHERE!
The Atmosphere acts like a blanket, trapping infrared radiation close to the planet and warming it up. Without the atmosphere, the temperature on Earth would be more like the Moon, which rises to 116Β° C in the day, and then dips down to -173Β° C at night. But, sadly, our earth temperature today is getting nearer to compare with the Moon temperature…
Suhu rata-rata permukaan Bumi adalah 14Β° C/287 kelvin/57.2Β° F). Ini hanyalah suhu rata-rata yg seharusnya. Suhu ini bisa menjadi sangat tinggi atau sebaliknya, semakin rendah, tergantung pada daerah-daerah di Bumi. Di tempat paling panas di planet ini, gurun-gurun yg berposisi di antara garis ekuator, suhu Bumi bahkan bisa setinggi 57.7Β° C. Dan di tempat paling dingin, Kutub Selatan di Antartika, suhu menunjukkan penurunan suhu sebesar -89Β° C.
Dan taukah kamu apa penyebab dari drastisnya perbedaan suhu yang sangat tinggi saat ini? Yap, Atmosfer!
Atmosfer itu kayak selimut, melindungi planet (dan kita semua) dari radiasi infra merah yg mndekat & menghangatkan Bumi.. Tanpa atmosfer, suhu Bumi akan seperti suhu di Bulan, yang mana akan meninggi hingga 116Β° C pada siang hari, dan menurun drastis hingga -173Β° C pada malam hari! Dan sedihnya, saat ini peningkatan maupun penurunan suhu bumi kita semakin menunjukkan nominal yg tnggi…itu akan membuat suhu kita makin menyamai suhu Bulan kalo di biarin tyerus menerus πŸ˜₯ …)

What we can start to do (or start to change) THESE SUPER SIMPLE THINGS as our actions to participate in SAVE EARTH steps?
1. FOR ALL THE GIRLS WHO LOVE to do SHOPPING, buy a new Recycled-Shopping-Bag and use it to bring your stuffs! Avoid using Plastic Bag, Girls.
2. BAN ALL CHLOROFLUOROCARBONS. Not just spray cans, but the refrigerator and the air conditioner. Get rid of them!
3. DONATE OLD CLOTHING. There are people out there who can get some good use out of your old moth-eaten sweater or sports jacket or worn-out pair of shoes πŸ˜€
4. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. Even if you’re only going out of the room for a few minutes. Those kilowatts add up.
5. UNPLUG APPLIANCES WHEN NOT IN USE. Some of them, with their complicated timers and instant start-up features, constantly consume small amounts of electricity.
6. USE LESS WATER. I believe you all clearly understand about this. (But there’s a much simpler way to save water: Don’t flush every time!)
7. Choose the larger size. I mean, like choosing ur shampoo/tooth paste/soap/etc product, try to buy the large size. It will help you to skimp teh money and also THE TRASH.
8. Use Long-Lasting items. example: rechargeable batteries, good quality stuff that will not damaged easily.
9. Shop At The Nearest Store. You know the goal for this action, aite? yap! 1) saving our benzine, 2) decrease the pollution(setidaknya kita mengurangi kontribusi polusi udaraaa) 3) prudent time! πŸ˜€
10) Pick Used or Recycled Items. Sekarang udah bnyak Flea Market yg mnjual barang2 yg masih layak pakai bahkan masih bagus banget. Nah, dengan beli barang second ini, nggak ada sumber daya yang terbuang. We also can choose the stuff which made from recycling-matter, example: pigura dari kertas daur ulang.

Guys, actually, this post was already exist in my draft since 2 months ago..but i didn’t found the right time to edit it, so sorry if i do many mistakes in this post..
Hope you guys will start to apply them, cause we are the one who can save our earth.. 😦

Save Earth poster by_mythshift

So, let’s Go Green! Change our extravagant lifestyle…protect our Earth!
And be ready for my next photo sesion post! yay! \(β‰§βˆ‡β‰¦)/

oh! And happy birthday to my little brother, M. Haykal Putra Ghifari:

Happy Birthday my little boy! don't grow up too fast, wish Allah always give the best for you <3

Happy Birthday my little boy! don’t grow up too fast, wish Allah always give the best for you ❀

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Warm Regards,

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19th in December 5th

Guten Abend, Menschen!
Whoa, i feel better lately. Maybe because of this is December! My Favorite month! yay! The weather is dominantly rain..and rain…lil bit warm…then rain! woohoo! it means that i can wear my scarf-shawl-pashmina-and that kind of cloth-thingy! πŸ˜€
I just turned out my age to be 19 this 5th! hmm…
But still..i feel i didn’t do much improving thing in my last age 😦 So, I will work harder this age, to prove and get closer to my big resolutions and many aims this year! Ganbatteeee! hm!

In this anniv, i received many wishes, pray, and hilarious utterances from my friends.. πŸ˜€
Those are really warmed my heart, cause knowing that there are still many friends remembering your birthday is kind of a very very soothe feeling πŸ™‚
My first surprise, came from my ex, Ryan Raynaldo Lee. He just arrived in front of my house, and in the heavy rain at 12 o’clock on December 5th just to give me a gift… a beautiful lamp for sleep πŸ™‚ I’m shocked, cause at that time, i actually have already wanted to go sleep.. -____-” I really appreciate him. He’s enormously sweet πŸ™‚


Panda doll and Red Pashmina! my most favorite thingy :3

Then i received so much utterances from my friends, my family, my relatives, etc.
What i realized that day is….how i really-really-in-really-really-literally want to have a bathe in the rain… :’D (i know this is a shallow wishing, ahahaha)
My mother promised to bought me a new shoes as her present πŸ˜› ( i really want asked her: “may i have another BCBG, mom?” But i know what she’ll say if i ask her so..hehe)
Mega, my besty-and-partner-in-insanity, just came to my house at 11 o’clock to give me a surprise: 2 small-kinda-cake-with-lotta-mousse and her present with our friend, Okta πŸ˜€ She gave me a really2 beautiful present! (She gave me my-most-favorite-thingy! How could u resist that happiness??? :D)
this is her present:
i can’t publish me-mega-and-okta photos because: 1) The lightning is poor, 2) We are sooooo in-gembel-condition! (i was started to sleep (again!) before i knew mega was came!!)

And my another partner-in-insanity (and humanity), Siska Amelia Seprianti, just gimme this beautiful photo’s file (while the other was gave me an ugly-and-unintentionally-pose-photos-of-mine-in-the-past *sweat*). This is the image!!Siska'spresent

There are lot of things that i wanna share to you all indeed, but i feel lazier than a man who draws Japan flag..hehe (or because i’m listening to Foo Fighters song while i’m typing this, so i can’t focus that much? They make me wanna sing-along-the-song, you know!)
What i really wish in my birthday are: the peace of the world, stability of our earth, the factual improvement in Indonesia, and God’s leading in every step that i take. I hope the best for us…all of us. (Palestine..Syria.. God must have another plan for them, i believe it.)