My Mother’s Day ♥

Yay! My mother just reached her golden age in the last 2nd of March. She finally 50..oh God..she’s already half a hundred year..and she still amazing in her life and career.

We do a simple celebrating: have a quick dinner in a junk food restaurant.. ( .__.) *God, forgive us* Since, you know, my father and mother are sooo busy. Almost everyday got home late and somehow we just have a quick chat toward each other and rarely have a dinner together. So, is so important to take some pictures while we’re have an outside-the-house-dinner together 😛

I wish she’ll always looks young (like 30s) and still being my smart woman that’ll guide me with her hilarious and loving way. How I really hope Allah will just give her a >100 years age..haha I can’t imagine how’s my life without her..♥ Happy 50, Moms. I’ll be your Pride. I promise.

my very young sister, Debby and my Mom

my very young sister, Debby and my Mom

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