Gambarwell, i love to say “hello” to every strangers or people that i never knew before.

Lemme introducing myself first. Me Penta Olivia A. Rayendra from Indonesia. specifically, I live in a nice city in Indonesia, Banjarmasin, South Borneo. Hmm.. actually i dunno what i wanna do with this blog, but i’ve saw many great blog so i decided to have one too. maybe i’ll like to posting about fashion, culinary, or whatever i’ve been passed, sharing my experience or story here.

I’m not a kinda serious girl, i’d love too “LOL”, eat, party, having fun, go mad with my besties, and all of the normal girls have-and-do. But when it comes to my step to be success, i’ll be very2 serious in my intention and willing. I hate dumb people (i’m not say that i was genius or smart, ok. At least, minimum IQ for not-dumb-people is 110< , i thought! :P)

ok, o gotta go. Ciao :*