19th in December 5th

Guten Abend, Menschen!
Whoa, i feel better lately. Maybe because of this is December! My Favorite month! yay! The weather is dominantly rain..and rain…lil bit warm…then rain! woohoo! it means that i can wear my scarf-shawl-pashmina-and that kind of cloth-thingy! 😀
I just turned out my age to be 19 this 5th! hmm…
But still..i feel i didn’t do much improving thing in my last age 😦 So, I will work harder this age, to prove and get closer to my big resolutions and many aims this year! Ganbatteeee! hm!

In this anniv, i received many wishes, pray, and hilarious utterances from my friends.. 😀
Those are really warmed my heart, cause knowing that there are still many friends remembering your birthday is kind of a very very soothe feeling 🙂
My first surprise, came from my ex, Ryan Raynaldo Lee. He just arrived in front of my house, and in the heavy rain at 12 o’clock on December 5th just to give me a gift… a beautiful lamp for sleep 🙂 I’m shocked, cause at that time, i actually have already wanted to go sleep.. -____-” I really appreciate him. He’s enormously sweet 🙂


Panda doll and Red Pashmina! my most favorite thingy :3

Then i received so much utterances from my friends, my family, my relatives, etc.
What i realized that day is….how i really-really-in-really-really-literally want to have a bathe in the rain… :’D (i know this is a shallow wishing, ahahaha)
My mother promised to bought me a new shoes as her present 😛 ( i really want asked her: “may i have another BCBG, mom?” But i know what she’ll say if i ask her so..hehe)
Mega, my besty-and-partner-in-insanity, just came to my house at 11 o’clock to give me a surprise: 2 small-kinda-cake-with-lotta-mousse and her present with our friend, Okta 😀 She gave me a really2 beautiful present! (She gave me my-most-favorite-thingy! How could u resist that happiness??? :D)
this is her present:
i can’t publish me-mega-and-okta photos because: 1) The lightning is poor, 2) We are sooooo in-gembel-condition! (i was started to sleep (again!) before i knew mega was came!!)

And my another partner-in-insanity (and humanity), Siska Amelia Seprianti, just gimme this beautiful photo’s file (while the other was gave me an ugly-and-unintentionally-pose-photos-of-mine-in-the-past *sweat*). This is the image!!Siska'spresent

There are lot of things that i wanna share to you all indeed, but i feel lazier than a man who draws Japan flag..hehe (or because i’m listening to Foo Fighters song while i’m typing this, so i can’t focus that much? They make me wanna sing-along-the-song, you know!)
What i really wish in my birthday are: the peace of the world, stability of our earth, the factual improvement in Indonesia, and God’s leading in every step that i take. I hope the best for us…all of us. (Palestine..Syria.. God must have another plan for them, i believe it.)