R R R R R-ed

"I wish it was dawn,"

“I wish it was dawn,”


Oh well, I know I haven’t post anything yet since my last reblogged of a very beautiful and handsome man named Jarrod Scott, has stolen my heart straight-away. My schedule was totally drive me insane in the last year till now, and the list of undone posts are lining up on my dashboard draft..pheww. I’m starting to be more serious in the new semester in my college year. I’m totally fucked-up by the weak-system of my college and getting more tired-and-tired for everything that was happened on my last semester (fifth). I have a really-really bad bad bad time recently: fight, broken heart, depressed, sickness, regretful, disappointed…all those feelings were sucked my soul to the bones, and somehow I just wanna leave all of these circumstances and have the greatest escape in my life with no one…and meet new people, new places, new identity, new life, and new changes. Sounds enchanting, right? haha, I hope someday I will have a chance to do so. Continue reading


Oxford and Blue on My Road

when sun behind my back (by Fuady)

when sun behind my back (by Fuady)

Bonjour, Peuple!
How’s your March going? Busy? So-so? or Full of happiness? I Hope you guys doing great in every activity that you do 😀
I’m gonna post my new photo shoot’s result (yay!). This is marvelous, I’ve already planning to take some shoots on an empty track!! and finally, the chance just came off! whoa! I’m so excited! Continue reading

Nude Ground

got me higherAvete, Sui!

It feels like a long time since my last post on my blog. Sorry sorry sorry! But thanks guys, you for still visiting A Bit of Crispy Lust! whoaaa… xxx
I just relieved from illness last week and it was terrible. Looks like everybody has the same problem too with their healthiness, so let us just pray for the good condition for all of us and don’t forget to keep eating and eating and eating. hmmmmm….
On the last february, me and my friends (Faisal and Fuady) were did ‘a test-drive’ location for photo session and the result is TOTALLY AWESOME! I really love the location (in Liang Anggang), the SUPER BRIGHT and HOT Sun, and my skin who got tanner than before! kkrrrkkk!! -__-” (seriously i love ’em all!! :P)
Our project, TILIK is still striving and we keep try and try to put much gravity to it. I really hope you guys will follow us via:
wordpress blog: tilikbjm.wordpress.com or twitter: @tilikbjm Continue reading

Behind the scene: TILIK // Style and Stuffs Page

Whoa! February almost end, Guys! was your monthly-resolution already reach?? I just give a check-mark to my “TOEFL Test” resolution for this year! yay! \(^-^)/ about the score….hmmm..about 500 and blablabla..it was suck cause it’s under my expectation indeed 😦

Oh well, you know what, Me, Mega and Faisal are really-really ready to announce our new magazine project!!! WooHoooooo!! And first-able, we will just worked three..but we really wish to find another partner that’ll join this project.

Nah, awal-awal ini, kita nggak nerbitin via media cetak dulu.. so, we will make this to be WEB-BASED MAGAZINE!

Dan, disini posisi gue sebagai………..*dremdemdemdeeeeemm….jengjengjengjeeeeeeng* …….Fashion Editor and ! Whoaaa, I really excited for my next experiences on this position!

Ok. I’ll stop talking noe then lemme show you the hectic-ness of last saturday photo session.

The Models are: Izty and Rossy, my babies from senior high school but now they’re currently live in Jogja and Bali. Then meet my fabulous partner, Mega and Faisal, yg pas sesi pemotretan berkewajiban megang kamera.
BTS_13 Continue reading

Ruled by the Nature

captured by Muthia Listograph

captured by Muthia Listograph

Konnichiwa minna-san! 😀
Finally, i can post my last photo session’s result. whooaaa(!!!) Such a terrific month! i even need a break from the hour to take a breath..you know, i’ve a lot of stuffs to done last month, so…now..i’d like to welcome this February! yay! Really hope to have a many many many leisure times (ok, i know this wud be impossible, but just lemme pray then.)

About this photo session, again and again iwe were helped by the sun! You can see the sky was so beautiful with its blue and clouds. I worked with many photographers in this session, they are the newbee learners of photography from SMAN 7 Banjarmasin (my high school!): Marissa, Dhiya, Dita, and Muthia..under the couch of Faisal (my fav photographer this long).
This is a really really long break since I posted my last photo’s project result, so sorry… (a lot of barriers just came up to me..broken laptop, screwed event arrangement, teaching job, and somuchwhatever) Continue reading