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got me higherAvete, Sui!

It feels like a long time since my last post on my blog. Sorry sorry sorry! But thanks guys, you for still visiting A Bit of Crispy Lust! whoaaa… xxx
I just relieved from illness last week and it was terrible. Looks like everybody has the same problem too with their healthiness, so let us just pray for the good condition for all of us and don’t forget to keep eating and eating and eating. hmmmmm….
On the last february, me and my friends (Faisal and Fuady) were did ‘a test-drive’ location for photo session and the result is TOTALLY AWESOME! I really love the location (in Liang Anggang), the SUPER BRIGHT and HOT Sun, and my skin who got tanner than before! kkrrrkkk!! -__-” (seriously i love ’em all!! :P)
Our project, TILIK is still striving and we keep try and try to put much gravity to it. I really hope you guys will follow us via:
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Kissed by the Sun and Blew by the Wind

Photographed by Faisalpox

Photographed by Faisalpox

Guys!! December almost over and I really2 enormously excited for the January! Do you feel the same spirit like i do? πŸ˜€
I’m going to post my latest photo session (again), and this one was VERY VERY VERY AWESOME! literary awesome, i think.. πŸ˜›
Featuring Faisal and Fuadi as the photographer, and Faisal is my most favorite photographer this time!
The location same as my last photo session’s location, but with this ‘balloons’ thingy, we made it on the rooftop of the building. REALLY GREAT! The wind was blew so cold and lil bit fast (i got a really2 big trouble to tame the balloon!) first..but then the sun was started to shine…. Just take a look to the photos result:

sweet reflection! by Faisalpox

sweet reflection! by Faisalpox

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Colorful and Vintage photo session (pt. 1)

It’s been a hectic week for me. Many things just came up and tough me -_____-“. Actually i really want to post my photo session with my besties from a long-long-loooong time ago! (okay, i’m just kidding. not that long,actually) We start and finish this photo session on August 31st and I really2 excited for the result!

The fotographer is my cousin’s friend, Ubay. He’s really good in taking the good angle, cause i was his model in his studio a few months ago, and the result is good enough i thought. There are 3 more boys that Rossy invites,Β my high school friends; Akroma, Ardi, and Ojeng, and they were brought the camera too! Yay!Β Me and 3 of my besties (Rossy, Vivi, & Yuniar) wanna have a Colourful and Vintage theme in 2 different places and outfits. Location for the photo shots is the first problem. We lookin’ for the good view place and free! okay, i’m too lazy to tell you about that problem. So, these are my photo session’s result! YAY!!

This is the very first location with (actually Colourful) Vintage theme ! πŸ˜€

by Akroma

by Akroma


Taken by Ubay.
Edited by Me self.

this photo was captured by my friend, Akroma. Then I edit it by myself πŸ˜€

Taken by Ubay
Edited by ubay

This is my most favorite photos (me alone) for the first theme:


I love this picture!
Captured by Ubay.
Edited by Me.


do you think this over-exposure?
Taken by Ubay.
Edited by Me.

Taken and Edited by Ubay.



by Akroma

by Akroma


Captured by Ardy.
Edited by Me.

What I Wear:
– Connection High-Low top
– Ruffled skirt
– Black Suede Peep-toe ankle boots
– Black Scarf

Whew..enough for this first part post. I will post more pict later. see ‘ya.